Thursday, November 1, 2007

Calling Lady Riders and Lady WRITERS!

Hi ladies!

November is going to be an interesting month for me, as I'll be participating in the increasingly popular National Novel Writing Month. Because of this, I won't have much time for updating this website with inspired articles about women who ride - although, I AM writing my novel about a woman who rides a motorcycle, so you can expect a few excerpts here and there - and thus I am asking you, dear readers, if you would help me out. What I'd like is writings from you... about ANYTHING motorcycle-related! Those that are selected will have their story or article published right here on for the viewership of our 1,000 regular monthly readers. You will be given full credit for your work. All of your work should include a tag stating it is Copyright (C) 2007 (your name goes here).

I really do mean everything. If you have a story about something exciting you saw while on a motorcycle trip, share it! Want to tell the story about how you first started riding? Tell it! Do you know how to adjust a clutch? Write a step-by-step article, with pictures, and submit it!

Updates may be more or less frequent this month, just depending on how many submissions I receive. Please send your submissions to - thanks everyone and I hope you are riding safe!

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