Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to Basics

Well, it's been a few years.

My Sportster has sat in her garage gathering dust, I'm sorry to say.

To explain... I started law school in the fall of 2008 and everything else has taken a back seat since then. I have gone on my occasional joy ride when I haven't been too busy, but sadly I just have not had the time to dedicate to riding or motorcycles that I would like.

This saddens me in a lot of ways, as I always feel such a sense of empowerment and adventure and positivity when I ride. I've replaced that with a lot of negative things in my life. Work. Stress. I've handed my life over to people and things that could care less about adventure and exploration and instead focus on the bottom line and seeing exactly how much blood they can draw from you until you finally cry out that it's enough.

That's not to say I don't understand. Progress and hard work and stress make the world go round. Not all stress is bad. But, there comes a point at which it gets to be soul-crushing. There comes a point where you need to break free from the people trying to control you and to take control of yourself and your life again. And that means that the very things that drew me away from riding are now driving me back to it full-force.

I know at this point the hard work I put into this blog a few years ago is mostly moot; I hope some of the information at least has been helpful, lying out here in the ether, collecting cyber-dust. I'm hoping it can be helpful again.

In a few weeks, my husband and I are going to Sturgis - after the rally, to avoid the crowds. In the interim, in order to save my own sanity and to reconnect with riding and prepare myself for the trip, I think I'm going to start writing here again. This blog might become a little more personal in many ways, but I'd still like to provide useful information for anyone who needs it. My husband and I are brainstorming a series of articles to start out with. So here's hoping!

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